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Digital Marketing

With Digital Marketing:
attract more clients,
interact with a wider audience,
convert your leads into customers.

Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can appear on the first page of Google search results. Increase the number of visitors to your website to increase funnel conversions.
We are experts in SEM. We design Google Ad campaigns that target the right audience and use optimal search terms and keywords. We can track your results in a weekly or monthly basis and give you performance reports.

Social Media Markeitng

Facebook and Instagram have more than 70% of social media users.

- Segment your audience.


- Enhance your brand recognition and positioning.


- Increase your reach on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


- Campaign strategies tailored to your niche.

Email Marketing and Remarketing

Keep in touch with your clients, communicate with them frequently.

Use discounts and promotions through loyalty programs to grow your community and increase its engagement.


Retarget customers with abandoned carts and those who haven't purchased in a while.


Emailing automations for new subscribers, birthdays and special dates.


Have your own brand email

wix websites email marketing


We are experts building websites using the Wix design platform. We can help you build digital ecosystems from start to finish.
Google Analytics

Connect all of your URLs with Google Analytics to obtain all traffic data that comes into your website.

wix websites google analytics
Data Studio

Analyze and visualize your data using Google's Data Studio.

wix websites google data studio
Wix Insights

Understand your business data easily directly on the Wix dashboard.

wix websites wix insights
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